The Rolling Stones in Jersey, 1964

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The Rolling Stones photographed in 1964 around the time of their Channel Island concerts
The Stones stayed at Sion Hall Hotel, where they autographed a menu. It is now owned by pop memorabilia collector Gary Rocks. He explained that the original owner had a friend whose sister was a waitress at the hotel and got this menu signed by the band. 'She wasn’t much of a fan and then gave it to her sister, who traded it to the owner for a belt. Eight moves later, roughly 47 years, found in the attic by the daughter of the original owner. And treasured now by me'.

The Rolling Stones appeared at Springfield Stadium in Jersey just over a year after the Beatles took the venue by storm.

They had performed on three successive nights at Guernsey's New Theatre before arriving in Jersey for the final two concerts of their third United Kingdom tour on 21 and 22 August 1964.

The first night was controversial even before the group went on stage, with over 40 local youths refused entry to the venue because they were wearing jeans and no ties. Police were called to bring the disgruntled youngsters under control.

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