The Watersplash

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The Watersplash in the 1970s

The Watersplash started life as a domestic residence named Idahoe. After World War 2 a local family bought the "Splash", as it is affectionately known and developed it in line with the growth in tourism during the 1950s-1970s.

The Splash was renowned as one of theIsland's premier live entertainment venues for both islanders and visitors at this time and has since adapted by providing nightclub style entertainment for the 18 - 30 age group.

The Watersplash is blessed with spectacular bay views with a beach renowned for its surf and has also been synonymous with the growth of the beach/watersports and surf life culture and was, back in 1966, chosen to host the World Surfing Championships.

Bought in 2004 by Seymour Hotels the Watersplash continues to be the focal point of surfing in the island and a great place to take in the ever changing spectacular views of St Ouen's Bay.


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