The Young family on the Chimborazo

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Josias Young and his wife Elizabeth Esther, nee Canivet

Among the Channel Island emigrants to America on the Chimborazo were the Young family. Elizabeth Esther Canivet, born in Grouville, Jersey, on 17 November 1822, had married Josias Richard Young (1819-1892) of St Peter Port, Guernsey, in 1843.

Their first three children, William John (1844-1903), Elizabeth Jane (1845-1939) and Susanna Olivia (1847-1929) were born in Jersey. They were followed by Louisa Sarah (1849-1921), Brigham Joseph (1851-1855), Josias Richard (1852-1935) and Andrew Henry (1854-1924).

After son Brigham's death the family emigrated to America on the Chimborazo in 1855 and travelled west with the Mormons in the Charles A Harper company, first setling in Provo, Utah in 1855, then moved to Fairfield where Josias worked on the barracks for Johnston's army. They had another six children after their arrival in America.

Josias died in 1892 and Elizabeth in 1912, in her 90th year.

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