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Thomas Brasdefer, Bailiff of Jersey, 1378, 1380-91

Thomas is thought to be the son or grandson of Guillaume Brasdefer, who was Bailiff before him in 1331. It is not known whether he was related to Giefrey Brasdefer, who was Bailiff in 1395, and was a Jurat during his term of office.

There is a record in the Jersey Archive of a contract between Sire Pierre Payn of Jersey and Guillemyn Degarris of Guernsey. It ecords the lease in perpetuity of the Manor de Malorey, St Lawrence, Jersey, for the sum of £10, to be paid on the Feast of St Michael, and 4 cabots of wheat of rente. The contract was passed by Thomas Brasdefer, Bailiff, Edmond de Garris, Guille Leloront, and Giefre [Geoffroy] Bras de Fer, Jurats of the King. The date on the parchment is obscured, but may be 1387.

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