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Thomas de Ferriers (Ferrers) Warden of the Isles 1337-1341 1343-1347


Thomas de Ferrers was the son of William de Ferrers and Ellen de Segrave, the son of William Ferrers and Anne Le Despenser. He was the brother of Henry de Ferriers who held the office immediately before him, from 1334-1337. He was born in Groby Old Hall, Leicestershire, about 1299 and married Ankaret Le Boteler.


He took up his appointment on 10 May 1337 and was Warden when David Bruce, exiled King of Scotland, who had led a raid against Jersey in 1336, was threatening to try again.

Edward II ordered:"Because we are informed that the Scots are planning to perpetrate similar crimes in the islands a second time, we order Thomas de Ferrers to levy and array all men capable of bearing arms, and to form them into companies of thousands, hundreds and twenties, and to lead them well-armed and arrayed for the defence of the islands."

This is seen as the foundations for the Jersey Militia, although it was not immediately challenged because Bruce decided to reclaim his throne in Scotland.


de Ferrers' appointment read:"R. de sircumspectione etc. commisit Thome de Ferariis custodiam Insularum etc"

In 1338 his nomination was renewed and confirmed for a period of ten years, requiring an annual farm of 500 marks. However, another Warden, Thomas de Hampton was appointed in 1341.

de Ferriers appears not to have lived in the islands. There are letters surviving from him, written in London, in 1337 and is 1338 his lieutenant in the islands was Gautier de Weston.

de Ferriers was appointed for a second term in 1343 and continued in office until at least the middle of 1345, and probably for a further two years.

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