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Val Poucin



The original datestone can be seen in the photograph above between the second and third first-floor windows

Although this house in Rue du Val Poucin, Grouville, is a typical early 18th century Jersey farmhouse, of some importance, it was not included in the second volume of Old Jersey Houses

These two photographs indicate that a second datestone has been added to the right of the original, which appears in the picture above above and to the leftof the front door

Val Poucin was formerly part of the nearby Radier Manor estate. Its owner qualifies as one of the chef tenants of Grouville, owners of Grouville Common.

When it was offered for sale for £2,950,000 in 2017 it was described as 'a beautifully developed 18th century granite farmhouse'.

There is a plaque at first floor level on the front of the house inscribed JRS 1819, representaing Jean Roissier. There were a number of Jean Roissiers married in the three decades before 1819, but one possibility is the one from St Clement, who married Marie Mackay, of the same parish, in St Clement Parish Church in 1804.

Alternatively the stone may have been prepared, but left incomplete, when work was undertaken on the property prior to the marriage of Jean Roissier of Grouville to Jeanne Pinel of St Saviour, in St Helier in 1821.

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