Vice-Admiral George Oury Lempriere

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Vice Admiral George Oury Lempriere entered the Navy in 1797, served under Lord Nelson at the battle of Copenhagen, and was afterwards promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. In the "Loire" he was subsequently engaged in various single actions with French frigates and other craft.

He was present at the taking of Guadaloupe under Sir Alexander Cochrane. He was nominated Commander in 1813, and in the following year was selected by Sir Herbert Sawyer as his Flag-Captain on the Cork Station. He was promoted to the ranks of Post-Captain in 1825, Rear-Admiral in 1854, and Vice-Admiral in 1858.

Among other ships, the Admiral has served in the "Russell", the "St Joseph", the "Africa", the "Trent", and the "Ganymede".

By his wife Admiral Lempriere has issue four children. Audley, who at nineteen was Captain in HM 77th Regiment, and who, under the loving soubriquet of the "Boy Captain", won, by his gallant bearing, his high-bred courtesy, and kindness of heart, the affections of his brother-officers and of his men. It was a sad day for his regiment, when he laid down his life for his country in the trenches before Sevastopol.

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