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Two houses which stood side by side in Trinity were both called Ville a L'Eveque, but difficulty with postal deliveries led to one being Anglicised to Bishopstown,

Neither was the home of a bishop, nor did a bishop live in the wider Trinity vingtaine which is also called Ville a l'Eveque. The answer is that this area is part of the Fief de l'Eveque d'Avranches. The Marets, who once owned the fief in Trinity, moved to St Lawrence and built Avranches Manor.

These properties are, in part, very old. Geffrey Nicolle, who died in 1537, and whose will survives. lived in one of the houses. Denis Nicolle, who was witness to a relative's inventory in 1560, also lived here.

Ville a l'Eveque

Just above the front door of what remains Ville a l'Eveque is a stone with 1723 EN MDG, representing Edouard Nicolle and Marguerite de Gruchy, who married in 1701.

The couple had no children and passed to Edouard's sister Marguerite, who married Jean Messervy, after which it remained in the Messervy family until the late 20th century.


Bishopstown was also a Nicolle property. A roadside stone is inscribed 17 PNC MLQ 96 - for Philippe Nicolle and Marguerite Le Quesne, who married in 1793 in St Helier [1] - and a further 1718 stone disappeared during 20th century renovations.

Notes and references

  1. The marriage was also recorded in Trinity
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