Windmill, St Peter

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The original windmill, complete with sails
The original mill with bar extension
The first bar in the windmill's base

The windmill at St Peter was the last surviving working mill, until it was built around and converted to an inn. G S Knocker wrote in his article on Jersey's windmills for the 1936 Annual Bulletin of La Société Jersiaise, that some maps show the building in Grande Route du Mat, St Peter, as 'St Peter's New Mill', although he had been unable to find any evidence of a previous mill on the site.

"It stands in a commanding position 322 feet above level, and on the boundary separating the parishes of St Peter and St Ooa short distance from the church and arsenal of St Mary. The tower of the mill is built of local granite and is 27 feet in diameter at the base and 19 feet at the top, while its height from the ground to the top course of stone is 43 ft 8 in. The platform of the fantail is another two feet higher. From this platform a magnificent view of the surrounding country can be obtained."

The mill was built in 1837 and converted to an inn in the 1960s. It was bought and refurbished by Ann Street Brewery in the 1970s, but it was later still in the 20th century before the mill itself was restored to its former glory with the addition of new sails.

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