Le Carrefour Farm

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Le Carrefour Farm
Le Carrefour datestone
Le Carrefour datestone
Le Carrefour datestone

Note: The other photograph previously shown on this page is now identified as being of La Maison Maret, further along Rue es Picots. The remaining picture is believed to show Le Carrefour Farm, not La Maison Maret, but we are still somewhat uncertain about its identity.

Le Carrefour Farm, at the junction of Rue es Picots and Rue du Boulay, Trinity, is a period farmhouse. It should not be confused with Le Carrefour, in Rue de Brabant, Trinity.

Little is known about the farm. An 1877 datestone on the side entrance- 18 T.CB♥♥ E.BP 77 refers to its occupation by Thomas Cabot and Elizabeth Blampied; elsewhere on the property a stone exists engraved T.CB♥♥EDGC 1888 for Thomas' father, also Thomas, and Elizabeth de Gruchy, who married in St Helier in July 1830. The third stone T.CB♥♥C.E.LV 1908 is for Thomas Cabot, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Blampied, and his second wife Clara Elizabeth Le Vesconte.

The 1881 census shows Thomas jnr (49) living at his farm, which had 34 vergees of land, with his children Thomas (23), Eliza (20), Eunice Cabot (18), Esther (15), Emile (7) and Hannah (4). There is no mention of Elizabeth, Thomas' wife.

Ten years earlier Thomas jnr and Elizabeth, plus children Thomas, Eliza, Eunice, Esther and John, were at Le Carrefour Farm, and also living with them were Thomas's father and mother Elizabeth Blampied (strangely described on the census return as mother-in-law) and aunts Marguerite Cabot (71) and Jeanneton Cabot (68).

Back in 1841 the head of household was Thomas snr, then aged about 45; his wife Elizabeth; a younger brother Charles, a sailor; his mother, Elizabeth (70); two other Cabot ladies, Esther (69) and Ann (65), possibly aunts; Margaret (33) and Jane (30), possibly Thomas' sisters: and children Thomas jnr (9), John (8), Charles (6), Elizabeth (4) and Philip (1).

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